AMNESIA Review: Part 2 (Final Thoughts)

So, since AMNESIA came out more than a month ago (August 18th to be specific), there are already some awesome summaries out there on the interwebs. So please go check them out HERE, HERE and HERE.

And comment. Please spread your love to the gamers who’ve toiled to write those wonderful summaries (^▽^)

Beware of massive spoilers below>>>

☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ 

Some of AMNESIA’S downfalls:

1)    There are too many routes. Especially bad routes.  The ratio of bad : good endings is 4:9. FOUR : NINE. *sobs* If you add +1 to both sides of that ratio (…which I realise makes no mathematical sense, but BEAR WITH ME HERE) it practically means that there are half as many good endings as bad ones!!! 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

2)     This would’ve been fine if the game developers had included some indicator of how each decision affects the parameters. But since there is none, and because the parameters themselves are super confuzzling (Like the 3rd one, “Suspicion of Amnesia” which really doesn’t do anything and shouldn’t be taken into account during gameplay), it was difficult to play without walkthrough.

3)    Awkward Pacing (and almost no moments of キュン). The pacing of AMNESIA is a sporadic alternation between painfully slow,  interestingly fast and omgwut? as sudden barrages of affection fly out at the protagonist from out of the blue.  Well, okay. To be fair  there is a smidge of good ol’ fashioned fluff in what seemed to me like the least likeliest route KENTKENTKENTKENT and I don’t usually mind if otome games don’t have much romance in them (like Shinigami to Shoujo), but the awkwardness of being thrust into romantic situations with little to no memory of your own partner doesn’t make very light-hearted playing and detracts from what could have been a solid, suspenseful story.

This cake? It's not for you.

4)    The way that every character 


5)    The morally dubious messages behind some of the characters. Especially Toma and his yandere tendencies…

Yes. That is a cage. And yes, you are in it.

6)    The protagonist’s hat. It looks like a beret that’d one day decided to become a souffle, but sort of gave up half-way and deflated in shame…okay. So I don’t know what I’m talking about, but that hat-  just bothers me. Every time it appears on screen, I become overcome by an overwhelming want to just go up behind her and poof it into shape . ヾ(・ε・。)

It's not you I'm breaking up with. Just your hat.

 ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚  

Where AMNESIA earns brownie points:

This picture.

1)    Realistic script and conversations. AMNESIA seems to pander to an older audience, because it lacks the clichés and corny one-liners of some fluffier otome games (case in point: Wand of Fortune or Starry Sky)

2)    Interesting concept. The idea of erasing the protagonist’s memory and propelling her into a previously established relationship is a new concept. Rather than starting from day one and trying to WIN the affections of another character, the point of the game is to continue the relationship without raising too much suspicion. I don’t know if AMNESIA developed the storylines and characters enough to made it work — but it deserves a brownie point for trying nonetheless

3)    Orion. Orion’s up-tempo narration saves AMNESIA from becoming even more dragged on and dull.

Orion FTW.

4)    Flawed characters. In one aspect, it’s a good thing. Rather than having cookie-cutter pretty boys prance around and sprout fangirl-pleasing phrases, AMNESIA’s characters are flawed. And by that, I mean some of them are deeply so. The only problem is that some of these flaws sometimes overcome redeeming qualities. And that’s when those previously endearing habits turn plain FREAKY.

5)    CGs. Gotta admit it, the art is damn pretteh

The sky. It sparkles.

6)    Waka’s changing personality in each route. One minute he’s the epitome of wordless workaholic – the next minute a flamboyant asskisser– and the next, a passionate army commander in a businessman’s body who likes to think that the customers are “THE ENEMY” and that slacking off is a sin punishable by death. Gave me the LOLs every time (^▽^)

Here’s a quick picture guide of some of Waka’s more notable alter egos:



...Oh why hello there, sweet cheeks. Didn't notice you there.

7)    Unexpected personalities and routes. Might just be me, but none of the characters turned out the way I had expected them to:

Like the way that this:

…becomes this:   


…becomes this: 

And this:

…turns into this:


☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ ☆.。.:*・゚ 

All in all, I’d still recommend AMNESIA to those who don’t mind skipping all the fluffy, lovey dovey moments and diving head-long into the action. It’s a thrilling game, and definitely a rewarding play for those who enjoy mysteries with a few laughs in between. My favorite characters were Orion, for his unfailing optimism, Ukyou (*´▽`*)for his pure sweetness, Ikki for the way that he protects the protagonist from the forces of evil (rabid fangirls) and Kent, because he defies all expectations with flying colors. (And because I have a personal soft spot for all tsunderes (≧∇≦)/

So. I’d like to know. Who’s YOUR favorite character in AMNESIA?


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16 responses to “AMNESIA Review: Part 2 (Final Thoughts)

  1. I like Kent too (tsundere and normal is the best!). I can’t stop laughing at your personality changes pictures! That’s definitely right! Kent (from being tsun to dere), Ikki (from the spot of fangirls to be mad at them), Toma (from just a childhood friend to yandere).. Ukyou’s story is my favorite.

    And I have the same feeling to their romance. I don’t mind Shinigami to Shoujo with a litlle romance in it, but I don’t really like how Amnesia make it. Example Shin. At the beginning of his route, he has many kissing CGs. But after that, none. The romantic vibes is pulled out at first but when there is really real romance, they don’t have any kissing CG anymore for him. But Kent is the opposite, I think (it’s the best from tsundere-lacking romance CG in the beginning then making it much in the last)..

    • Lol I’m holding out for the day that they a release game with ONLY tsundere characters
      … which has almost 0% likelihood but HEY a girl can dream (^▽^”)
      I totally understand what you mean by the romance. It’s not so much the lack of kiss scenes, but the lack of MEANINGFUL kiss scenes
      (except in Kent’s route)..which if you think about it borders more on harassment than romance (‘A`)
      Glad you liked it. I had heaps of fun finding those pics XD

      • Yeah, the meaningful kiss scene. I don’t know why Shin really like it that much in the beginning, but seems boring with it after he have dated the new heroine (I mean without amnesia).

        Oh, I saw you Noise banner.. I hope you’ll play it ’cause it’s just me who did it all alone by now. I really want many people know it’s not just about mafia and killing themes. There’s emotional story in it

  2. Uwah~ thank you for the referral! We should trade links :3

    I laughed out loud at point 6) about the heroine’s hat. but I actually liked it.. she looked kind of cute xD! Point 4) about flawed characters was hilarious too *cough TOMA cough*. Although after seeing his winning poll picture, I have to say that he knows how to pull off the sexy bad-boy look LOL. Ju-just.. don’t lock me up in a cage ;w; Toma used to be my least favorite, but after playing through an even crazier character (Wabisuke *cough*) Toma has been bumped up in my eyes.

    I also found Amnesia to be an interesting game, especially with its unique concept. It’s refreshing not to have to chase after the guy for once, but instead start out in a relationship. My favorites were Ikki (fdgo DAT GENUINE LOVE), Ukyo (T_T I love defying fate), Orion (those commentaries!), and Toma (he’s.. sort of the selfish/jealous type.. I just hate it when he’s super brotherly and then snaps into crazy mode for no reason. HE DIDN’T HAVE TO RESORT TO DRUGS Orz).

    • Hi there- of course! (^▽^) I’ve added you to my blogroll

      hi-FIVE for Orion and Ukyo! XD
      eheheh. true, I do agree with the cuteness. It just, well – it still resembles a cake in my mind…(*´ー`) Toma in virtual form is alright for me. I think he’s got a tolerable balance between hot, cold and slightly-psycho. But it would be a VERY different story in real life. I mean, imagine having him as the crazy ex-boyfriend. DX scary.

      • I’ve added you to my blogroll too 8D!

        Imagining it sends shivers down my spine.. he probably wouldn’t even let you get so far as to MAKE him be an ex-boyfriend. You’d be locked up then before that (^∀^;)!

  3. Lol the hat. I found the hat cute in some pictures, but most of the time it looked really…stiff? I don’t think I have a favorite guy. but Shins story was the best to me so I’ll guess I would pick him if I had to choose. (Kent close second). Even though Shin speaks like he is bored to death and way to fast to understand, and he personality as well is kind of flat…but I liked that he proved how much he loved the heroine as the story went along.
    Oh wait! Can I pick Orion? I wish there were some grown-up-Orion-route or something like that ( ;´Д`) Fandisk perhaps?

    • True, I liked his storyline too. Guess what he lacked in passion, he made up in actions XD

      ahaha OF COURSE. It would be totally awesome if grown up Orion-in-ikemen-form was the actual secret secret character . To me though, AMNESIA seemed like a fandisk to something that was supposed to be bigger…but iono, that’s just the vibe I’m getting from the game.

  4. Ruby

    I thoroughly enjoy all your reviews~
    Looking forward for your new posts 😀

  5. Old post is old but your post basically summarizes exactly how I feel about this game. Fandisk seems like it’ll be better (since now the stupid woman will be talking and telling the crazy men to stfu and do as she says xDDD-_)

  6. Since I haven’t played the game, I can’t say anything about how it is, but my favourite character would be Kent. I love tsuderellas and meganes. 😀 Your post was very funny and it catched my interest… Maybe I should try out Amnesia if I’m done with Clock Zero…

    Oh, btw… would you like to exchange links? 🙂

    • Oh yeah, tsunderes ftw xDD
      It’s defs worth the play (if you haven’t already, that is ^.^”)
      I’d love to exchange links! – sorry about the lack of update though, I’ll start writing again soon (y)

  7. RJfdnsfjbgnb.

    I am so in love with this game, and I haven’t even played it yet. I just started the anime, but so far it’s kinda of slow and uneventful.
    I really want to play the game, but I can not read Japanese to save my life. The game wouldn’t happen to have a translation would it?


      I feel your pain/infinite depth of want :((
      Actually, neither could I at first, but playing otome games really helped improve my Japanese
      Seriously wouldn’t have passed my exams without them, no joke. xD
      Unfortunately not yet… but fingers crossed it’ll come out soon!

  8. lilgamergal

    Toma hands down my favourite character o(♥﹏♥)o Loyal,caring and protective, who cares if he is yandere. Yuno gasai is way worse. anyway I just can’t hate him (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~♡tehe there’s also a similarity as I also love takuto from clock zero and okita from hakuouki…any I love Toma sooo much O(≧∇≦)O whoops missed Shin aswell 😛

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